Tighes Hill school of arts building to go down in history

Old-school splendour Window to the Past: The opening of the Tighes Hill school of arts building in 1900. It was used for education and culture. Picture: Snowball Collection, Newcastle Region Library

Old School: Jane Smith and Graydon Henning outside the Tighes Hill school of arts building, which has a long history. Picture: Simone De Peak

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The history of the old Tighes Hill building is now part of a research project.

The Newcastle branchof the n Decorative and Fine Arts Societiesisseeking information from the public about“this splendid and magnificent-looking old building”.

The branch is particularly interested in the period between 1950 and 2000.

“The historic records cover early years, but there is a gap in the records between those particular years,” society member Jane Smith said.

About 70 school of arts buildings were established in the Hunter and 3000 across and overseas.

The concept began in Scotland to educate the working class.

“We’ve taken on the job of preserving as many of these buildings’ records and histories as we can physically manage,” Mrs Smith said.

“They’re not meant to beweighty tomes or PhDs.

“It’s rather a gathering of the knowledge across the nation, so it’s preserved and kept in the national archives and available for people to access.”

Mrs Smith saidschool of arts buildings were built “at the beginning of the establishment of , as a place where people could go to learn new things and study”.

“It was a school designed as a cultural establishment.

“They had libraries andnewspaper reading rooms. People went there for lectures and todance and all sorts of things to do with the arts,” she said.

In some towns, thesekinds of buildings werecalled mechanics institutes.

“Some were called both,” she said.

“They were vitalto the community’s educational and cultural development.”

In later years, schools and libraries were established and the school of arts buildings declined.

“They ceased to have the central meaning they had originally,” she said.

The Tighes Hill building is now being used for community purposes.

Contact MrsSmith on0418 647 783 or email at [email protected]老域名出售.

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