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AWKWARD: Madeline Valentinis and Lee Mayne as the ‘happy’ couple, and Bridget Barry as the groom’s surprise bed mate.THE comedy Perfect Wedding begins with a man waking in a hotel room on the morning of his wedding day to find an attractive woman he doesn’t know sleeping beside him.

His fiancée is due to arrive within minutes to get ready for the marriage ceremony, so he has to quickly get the woman out of sight.

The man attended his stag party the previous night and obviously drank too much. So when his best man arrives to help him prepare for the ceremony he seeks his aid in keeping the scantily clad young woman hidden in the suite’s bathroom, asking that if she is discovered he will say she is his girlfriend.

Nothing, of course, goes right, with one pretense after another having to be adopted, and a chambermaid finding herself increasingly more caught up in the deceptions as first the bride and then her mother arrive. And the mother’s happily repeated singing of Here Comes the Bride, as she refers to the wedding as being “perfect”, doesn’t help.

Perfect Wedding, by English writer Robin Hawdon, whose other works include the comedy Don’t Dress for Dinner, has been a worldwide hit, with many reviews noting that as well as being a riotous comedy it is also a touching love story.

Adamstown’s Theatre on Brunker is staging Perfect Wedding for a four-weekend season from April 6 to 28, with watchers having a choice of dinner-and-show or show only. The cast includes: Lee Mayne as the groom, Bill; Madeline Valentinis as the bride, Rachel, who expects others to accept her commands; Carl Gregory as the best man, Tom, who is dependable; Bridget Barry as the attractive girl in the bed, Judy; Sandy Aldred as the ever more annoyed chambermaid, Julie; and Amanda Woolford as the bride’s emotional mother, Daphne. Brian Wark directs.

Lee Mayne notes that Bill isn’t the only one who tries to lie his way out of an embarrassing situation.

“Virtually no one tells the truth, and, late in the play, Bill doesn’t know what the truth is anymore.”

Brian Wark points to the story being very fast-moving, with confusion growing because of the similarity of the names of Judy and Julie. And, as Carl Gregory mentions, a lot of people have been to weddings where unexpected things have happened, a factor that has added to appreciation of Perfect Wedding.

Theatre on Brunker’s shows are staged in St Stephen’s Church Hall, near Adamstown Post Office. Perfect Wedding has performances on Friday and Saturday, from April 6 to 28, with dinner beginning at 7pm and the show at 8pm. There will also be a show-only matinee on Sunday, April 22, at 2pm.

The dinner-and-show cost is $45, and show-only tickets are $22, concession $18.

Bookings: 4956 1263.

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