Short Takes for Thursday March 8 2018

MICHAELIA Cash probably went a bit too far with her response to Senator Cameron’s questions during a recent Senate enquiry. However, Doug Cameron is the Labor Party’s attack dog and he has never been known for his politeness. He maynot bethe most objectionable senator in history either, but I reckon he would make my top ten. He really only got a bit of his own back.

David Stuart,MerewetherANDREW Whitbread-Brown (Short Takes 6/3): these mobile phone zombies wouldn’t know if they were on fire. We had a young bloke at work almost cut his finger off whilst trying to attend to the ringing phone in his pocket. He forgot he had a knife in his hand and, in the panic to answer the phone, he cut himself.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayWOULD I be alone thinking this a propitious time to re-introduce water restrictions to this country? Cape Town is a warning to us. The number of people all over with fixed hoses watering their lawns is disconcerting.

Ron Elphick, Buff PointSTEVE Phillips (“Hunter needs to plan for a life after coal”, Opinion 6/3):fortunately the coal industry and mining in general will be around for hundreds of years, quite possibly thousands depending on whether mankind still exists. The biggest change to society will not have anything to do with the mining industry – it will be technology. The job losses due to technology will be catastrophic it’s already happening, you see it every day in the banking industry, the super markets, the online shopping fanatics the list is endless. Technology is killing the workforce off at an alarming rate so you are correct we have locked the gate on future job growth all in the name of technology.

Brad Hill,SingletonYOU don’t see John Hudson (Short Takes 6/3) complaining about the RAAF flying over the Jets home game, but it seems like if it has anything to do with Supercars he is whinging. I’m counting down the days until the Supercars return to Newcastle.

Helen Allen,MinmiIT amazes me to see the number of people standing outside buildings, drawing on their cigarettes as if it was their last breath, then throwing filthy butts on the ground or in gardens.Who do they think will pick them up? It would be interesting to see how they treat their own homes. Even more disrespectful are the number of butts floating in the children’s section of the baths at Merewether. Most people do the right thing, except for a few morons.

John Lehman,MerewetherI PLAYED a lot of cricket over a lot of years, but I never held any serious hopes of making it to the topeven locally. But in all my years, insulting an opposing player or causing him personal distress through cheap jibes never entered the arena.Now it seems some top players see personal sledging as an integral part of their repertoire. What happened to the game? Whatever it is, hasn’t somebody with the power got the guts to stamp it out? Perhaps worst of all, will our delightful women players too go down that pathwhen the money comes along? So sad.

Donald Matthews, Fennell BayREAD MORE:Today’s letters

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