More work for women in NSW workforce

Tanya Davies says 37 per cent of senior leadership roles in the NSW public sector are held by women.The number of women in senior leadership and traditionally male-dominated roles across NSW is steadily increasing but there’s still more work to do, according to the NSW minister for women.

The latest snapshot on the status of women in the NSW workforce was released on Tuesday as part of the Then and Now report.

The report, based on NSW workforce profile data, shows women now fill almost 38 per cent of leadership roles in the public sector. The government wants to increase that to 50 per cent by 2025.

But the situation is worse in the private sector where women fill just 26 per cent of board directorship position of ASX 200 companies. That’s up from almost nine per cent in 2009, according to the n Institute of Company Directors.

“At the end of last year in the public sector more than 37 per cent of senior leadership roles were held by women,” NSW Minister for Women Tanya Davies said in a statement on Tuesday.

“While this makes the NSW government more progressive than the private sector there is still more work to do.”

Meanwhile, the number of women working in traditionally male-dominated industries, such as mining and construction, continues to grow at between two and five per cent every year.

However, women are still more likely to be employed in health care, social assistance, education and training, according to the Then and Now report.

Ms Davies noted that in 1973 there was only one female member of the NSW Legislative Assembly but today that figure has increased to 28.

“It’s imperative that women are represented at decision making tables across government and business to ensure the best outcomes for both men and women, in their public and private lives,” she said.

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