Horoscopes: week beginning March 11, 2018

ARIES: The next ten weeks will see a build-up of responsibilities and emphasis on career interests as a deadline looms and passes on April 18. Situations often take time to develop naturally, so this is all par for the course although you may not feel like it at the time. Be prepared for delays in these matters between April 18 and September 6.

TAURUS: An overseas trip, impending legal matter, or education interest is quite important to Taureans over the coming ten weeks. Situations are not resolved quickly and delays in or around all these matters can be expected between April 18 and September 6. Thorough preparation in these matters brings favourable results.

GEMINI: A matter of financial importance, whether to do with a will, taxation, insurance, superannuation, or partnership income, is emphasised during the coming ten weeks. You need to be patient and practical with these matters, which will take time to work through. Expect delays between April 18 and September 6.

CANCER: Partnership, whether business or personal, naturally provides strength for Cancer but also entails heavy responsibilities. Such matters are currently emphasised, bringing to a head some of these issues in the ten weeks around April 18. Attend to important matters before that date, lest there be delays.

LEO: Leonine characters are carrying a heavy work load, during the next ten weeks, that is likely to be marked by delays due to the nature of that work. Steady efforts and routines make the situation more manageable, but be prepared for increased workload around April 18. Decks may not be cleared for a number of months.

VIRGO: Virgo’s fortunes are building in strength during the next few months, reaching a peak in the weeks around April 18. This can bring a solid opportunity that enhances your life or one of your children. It’s likely that you’ve been working on this for some time and is a work in progress. A great deal of satisfaction is likely to ensue.

LIBRA: There’s strength in numbers and in family, and the next ten weeks will certainly highlight this point. April 18 and the weeks around it is important in this regard, marked by enhanced feelings of security through family and a place to call home. This is likely to be a slowly developing situation, occurring in phases, so expect more later in the year too.

SCORPIO: April 18 and the weeks leading up to it are important for putting plans in place, dealing with transport issues (such as cars), and negotiations. Make the most of this time as it is easier to bring things to fruition before then. Following that date until September 6, these situations can be complicated by delays due to various reasons.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius’ strength in money matters tends to take time to build, particularly where income and wealth are concerned, unless it is inherited. You are working tirelessly towards these ends in the weeks to April 18, but after that date there may be delays for a number of months in financial processing. Keep on top of things!

CAPRICORN: New heights of achievement are attained by Capricorn during the weeks to April 18, when there is a relentless push to bring order and form to your life and living conditions. However, between that date and early September, these energies subside as a natural part of the ebb and flow of living that occurs annually.

AQUARIUS: Aquarians currently require greater patience in dealing with various aspects of their life, particularly at a personal level. Things may not be resolved as quickly as you would like or to your complete satisfaction. This is only for a time. In the meantime, do what you can and bide your time until the timing is right. You will know it when it arrives.

PISCES: Pisceans are building their dreams and bringing them to reality at the moment, or at least putting the elementary aspects of these goals into place at the moment. There’s much to be done in the weeks to April 18 so don’t waste time, but don’t overdo it either. If not all is in place by then, there’ll be further opportunities later in the year.

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