Council needs another $4.6million for Lochinvar intersection to go ahead

Cr Henry MeskauskasMaitland City Council has agreed to chip in another$4.6 milliontowards the construction cost of an intersection at Lochinvar.

As part of its 2015-2016 budget the NSW Government provided anallocation of $11.5 million towards the project through the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF).

However areport presentedto council last week said at that time the intersection formed part of the work schedules attached to the Lochinvar Section 94 Contributions Plan and the item was subsequently removed from that plan.

“During the time that has lapsed since the funding announcement, a definitive design and costing has been developed by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS)in conjunction with council,” the report said.

“Based on communications with RMS, this process has revealed the ultimate intersection design required to support development in the north eastern catchment of the urban release areawill not be achievable within the HAF funding budget,” the report said.

Councillors were advised that anadditional $4.6 million was needed to cover the cost of the project.

The report said the intersectionis a key strategic access point to the north eastern catchment of the Lochinvar Urban Release Area and is required as a direct result of proposed development within the catchment.

West Ward councillor Henry Meskauskas successfully moved a recommendation to approve the additional $4.6 millionto make up the shortfall in HAF funding by amending the LochinvarSection 94 Contributions Plan.Council will exhibit the draft plan before afinalreport to council.

Fairfax Media has reported how Lochinvar is set to become Maitland’s next boom town with the first of 5000housing lotson public exhibition anda school and shopping precinctto come.

Council has received a development proposal for 146 lots off the New England Highway, behind the Aird’s building. The lots are within the Lochinvar Urban Release Area.

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