Celebrating faith in future

STRENGTHENING RELATIONSHIPS: Catholic Schools Week is a celebration of the Catholic faith-based education which aims at giving each and every student the opportunity of realising his or her full potential.From March 4-10, Catholic schools across the Maitland-Newcastle diocese will open their doors to families, friends and community members to celebrate Catholic Schools Week 2018.

The week’s activities will include open days and nights, open classrooms, in-school liturgies, grandparent days, performances and more to celebrate and raise awareness of the many opportunities that Catholic schools provide through faith-based education.

Catholic Schools Week also marks the start of the 2019 enrolment period for all 57 schools across the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. Currently there are more than 19,000 students enrolled in Catholic primary and secondary schools in the diocese.

The Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle is taking a number of steps to meet the growing demand for secondary education in the region.

It is building a new college –St Bede’s Catholic College in Chisholm – over four stages. With stage one completed, this January saw more than 100 students commence at the college in Year 7. Once all four stages are completed, the school will have more than 1100 students

Also in January this year, St Mary’s Catholic College in Gateshead opened its doors to 65 Year 11 students for the first time while St Joseph’s College in Lochinvar welcomed 75 Year 11 students.

All Saints’ College, with its St Peter’s Campus and St Mary’s Campus – combining St Peters (Years 7-10) and St Marys (Years 11-12) under one banner also started in 2018.

The annual Catholic Schools Week Mass on March 6 at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Hamilton is a highlight.

This will be attended by principals and school leaders from all 57 schools in the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle as well as members of the wider community including parishioners and local politicians.

“The theme for the week –‘Catholic schools: Faith in our Future’ – focuses on strengthening the relationship between students and their Catholic faith,” Dr Michael Slattery, Director of the Catholic Schools Office said.

“Their faith-based education – with the support of parents, staff and members of the wider diocesan community – is aimed at giving each and every student the opportunity of realising his or her full potential.”

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